What Are The Advantages Of Non-Qoven Masks?

Jul. 16, 2018

What Are The Advantages Of Non-Qoven Masks?

There are two kinds of non-woven masks, one is made of cotton gauze or knitted fabric, the middle clip is made of various non-woven fabrics; the other is made directly from non-woven fabrics. Now the latest varieties are non-woven materials on the surface and back, and a layer of filter paper is placed in the middle, which can improve the filtering effect of the non-woven mask.

What are the advantages of non-woven masks?

The reason why the non-woven mask is favored by people is that it has the following advantages: good air permeability, non-woven fabric is better than other fabrics, and if it is mixed with filter paper in the non-woven fabric, its filtration The sex will be better; at the same time, the thermal insulation of the non-woven mask is higher than that of the ordinary mask, and the water absorption and water resistance are good; in addition, the non-woven mask has good flexibility, and even if it is stretched left and right, there will be no unkempt phenomenon. It has a good feel and is very soft. Even if it is washed many times, it will not harden under the sun. The non-woven mask is flexible and can be restored to its original shape after long-term use.

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