Do you know the disposable shoe covers have an important role in human health and safety?

Jun. 04, 2018

Humans spend at least 70% of their time indoors, while urban residents spend more than 90% of their time indoors. However, the concentration of indoor air pollutants is generally 2 to 5 times the concentration of outdoor pollutants. According to data released by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of deaths caused by indoor air pollution is 1.6 million every year, and one person dies every 20 seconds. The concentration of indoor air pollutants is the fine dust in the air. They seriously threaten human health and safety and even life.

Due to rain and snow or other sources of oil and water in the room, the ground will be slippery, which will increase the potential safety hazards on the ground and can easily cause personnel to slip to the accident. For example, due to the slippery nature of the ground, there are countless slips and fall accidents every year, and the resulting industrial injuries and civil disputes abound. The cook was severely burned after slipping in the kitchen and required surgery. As a result, the normal operation of the restaurant was affected, plus the subsequent huge compensation for labor. Important guests slipped in the hotel lobby and demanded claims that seriously affected the image of the hotel brand's service, causing additional civil compensation disputes and causing unnecessary trouble.

Ground pollution can cause the work environment to become dirty, messy, and poor, and it is easy to breed bacteria. As a result, employees are often sick and leave their vacations. Work efficiency is low, and in the long run it will cause losses to the company.

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Do you know the disposable shoe covers have an important role in human health and safety?