How Manufacturers Test Glove Quality

May. 29, 2018

Given the many uses for disposable gloves,they must undergo rigorous inspection before they are ready for sale.In the automotive,janitorial-sanitation and agricultural industries, workers deal with a number of harsh chemicals, which means the gloves they wear must be proven the right amount of protection. The same is true for medical applications, where employees need a safe barrier against pathogens.

As such, manufacturers use extensive testing to determine which applications a glove is appropriate for , with medical-grade gloves having higher standars.

We can provide the automatic disposable plastic glove making machine, and the equipment after transform can produce some health care products, such as frosted glove, plastic disposable glove, plastic finger shape and so on. The product could be used in all hotels, health care, family life, paint protection, beauty salons, garden working and clear working. Its the ideal machine for producing the glove that the fast-food restaurant need, like KFC etc.

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How Manufacturers Test Glove Quality