The Development Trend of Disposable Glove Industry

Jul. 02, 2018

(1) The user base of Disposable glove is huge, and the consumption of disposable gloves will increase steadily.

 Disposable gloves are mainly used in medical surgery, medical examinations, medical care, food processing, electronics industry, home daily care and other fields, of which the medical industry and the food industry consume the most.

(2) The market of disposable gloves is promising, and the scale of the industry continues to increase.

The international medical device market continues to grow and the global medical device market will increase from US$371 billion in 2016 to US$529.8 billion in 2022. The Disposable health protection market will develop steadily with the advancement of industry technology and the expansion of end-user groups in the next five years.

(3) Strong market demand at home and abroad, and the growth potential of disposable gloves market is relatively large

In the food industry, consumers are increasingly demanding catering companies and food hygiene, and more catering companies and practitioners are using disposable health protective gloves.

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The Development Trend of Disposable Glove Industry