Important Notes For Installing The Shoes Cover Making Machine

Mar. 08, 2019

The Non-woven Shoes Cover Making Machine is a special machine for non-woven shoe covers, which is completed from raw materials to finished products! The main body is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material and has a beautiful appearance. The panel is hardened, PLC microcomputer controlled, automatic tension control system, and the operation is more stable. So what are the precautions for installing Disposable PE Shoes Cover Machine? I will explain it to you in detail today.

1. Before moving the machine, you must first loosen the horizontal adjustment screw at the bottom of the machine.

2. If the parts assembled when the machine is assembled are assembled, they must be combined according to the marks made during the disassembly.

3. Place the machine in the proper position. When it is necessary to fix it, please adjust the horizontal adjustment screw to make the machine reach the level. Remove the bundled fixing rope for transport on the equipment.

4. Before using the meter, use the AC V file of the meter to check whether the power supply voltage and the machine voltage (AC220V, 50/60Hz, 1phase) are consistent and stable. It can be connected to the power supply if it is consistent and stable. Otherwise, it will easily damage the electronic control system and the ultrasonic system. .

5. The machine must be grounded to prevent leakage and injury. After the power is turned on, the electric cable must be used to test whether the cable and the machine are charged, so as to prevent leakage caused by damage to the cable during transportation.

6. Equipment requiring gas must first check if the air pressure is 0.5-0.6PA before turning on the air source.

7. When inspecting or repairing the machine, it must be stopped to prevent accidents.

8. Keep the inside and outside of the machine clean, clean and free of debris.

9. Transmission parts Moving parts such as: sprocket and chain The cutter wheel is a high-risk area between the fixtures. Do not touch or attempt to adjust these areas while the machine is running. It is easy to be crushed or cut by crushing.

10. Ultrasonic vibrators have high voltage: Do not touch this part with your hands to avoid electric shock and burns.

11. Cooling fan: Do not touch when the fan is rotating.

12. Do not open the electrical box and ultrasonic system for non-professionals or maintenance personnel.

Disposable Plastic Shoes Cover Making Machine