Method for identifying whether disposable gloves are toxic

Sep. 11, 2018

The disposable plastic gloves are mainly made of plastic PE. There are two kinds of new materials and recycled materials on the market. The new materials are non-toxic and tasteless. The gloves produced are highly transparent, have no peculiar smell, good quality, clean and hygienic, and disposable materials are produced. Plastic film gloves, according to the properties of the recycled materials, the transparency of the gloves produced is not good, the color is poor, the sanitary conditions are not up to standard, but the price is cheaper. For laymen and ordinary mass consumers, it is difficult to distinguish between good and bad, sanitary conditions are not up to standard, and gloves are toxic. Therefore, as a manufacturer of products, we will introduce several ways to identify whether disposable plastic gloves are toxic:

1. Water detection method: Put the disposable plastic film gloves into the water, the non-toxic disposable PE gloves can be floated out of the water after being put into the water; and the toxic disposable plastic film gloves are not floating upwards.

2. Hand touch detection method: Touch the disposable PE gloves by hand, and the lubrication is non-toxic; otherwise it is toxic.

3. Jitter detection method: Grab one end of the disposable PE glove with your hand and pat it hard. The person who emits the crisp sound is non-toxic; otherwise, it is poisonous.

4. Fire detection method: You can cut disposable PE gloves to one side, burn with fire, toxic and not easy to burn; non-toxic fire is easy to burn.

If necessary, please go to the national professional testing department for identification. These methods are not professional testing methods for reference only.

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Method for identifying whether disposable gloves are toxic