Development Of Disposable PE Gloves In Industry

Sep. 05, 2018

At present, the world's universal isolation protective gloves are mainly divided into natural latex gloves, PVC gloves, nitrile gloves and other synthetic latex gloves. The proportion has been stable at 5.5:3:1:0.5 (latex: PVC: Dingqing). Next, the following is a brief analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of disposable plastic gloves in terms of function and scope of use:

1. The problem with latex gloves is that human allergies caused by natural latex gloves have occurred in foreign countries due to allergies, which limits the promotion of latex gloves, and the cost continues to rise due to the continuous increase in the price of natural latex. Therefore, the future trend of latex gloves is that the market share is gradually replaced by PVC and nitrile gloves.

2, PVC gloves have good performance, this glove production process is simple, low price, high strength, while PVC gloves have good isolation performance, acid and alkali resistance, and does not contain substances that cause human allergies, can be widely used Medical, electronic, health protection, home care, beauty salons and many other industries, but the elongation of such gloves is not good, and the use of elastomer-like latex gloves has been introduced to improve this performance.

3. Nitrile latex and neoprene latex gloves: using nitrile latex and neoprene latex as raw materials. These two gloves have high strength, high elongation and good hand feeling. They are an ideal substitute for natural latex gloves. It should be noted that the residual toxic acrylonitrile and chloroprene content in the gloves should be strictly controlled, so production control The cost is high, and the environment will pollute the environment. The cost of environmental protection is relatively high. These two gloves also have allergic problems, but they are not serious.

4. Polyurethane latex gloves: Polyurethane latex is used as raw material and produced by dip molding. This glove has high strength, elasticity and feel, is comfortable to wear, and its performance is close to that of natural latex gloves. However, such gloves are expensive and cyanide produced during combustion is highly toxic and limited in use.

5, PE gloves: PE film as raw material, produced by hot melt. These gloves are inexpensive, but have low strength, low elongation, and poor hand feel. They are generally used only in daily life and general work, and have limited application in medical surgery and medical examination. The advantage of this glove is that it has no allergic problems and is an absolutely safe glove.

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Development Of Disposable PE Gloves In Industry