Full Automatic Non-woven Strip Cap Making Machine

Aug. 10, 2018

Non-woven Bouffant Cap, with easy to use,  is mainly used in hairdressing, home, pharmaceutical industry and hotel,etc.

When used in hairdressing, it has a good protective effect, so that your hair cream can be well fixed in the hair, reducing the time required for your hairdressing.

When you use it at home, you can clean it with every corner. You can rest assured that your beautiful and supple hair can protect your hair from touching a little stain, eliminating the need to clean your hair after cleaning. After Traveling outside for a day, you can enjoy it and enjoy the bath.

When used in the pharmaceutical and hospitality industries, you can always maintain a clean and healthy environment, avoid hair loss or other problems.

The "Full Automatic Non-woven Strip Cap Making Machine" is Company new developed .The machine could be operate easily only by one person, and the speed could be reach 160 per minute. Please click here to get more information.

Full Automatic Non-woven Strip Cap Making Machine