Disposable Non-Woven Shoe Cover

Aug. 15, 2018

Disposable non-woven shoe cover

Product material: Made of high quality non-woven materials.

product description;

Simple home factory dustproof configuration. It is suitable for purification workshops, precision electronics factories, pharmaceutical factories, hospital equipment factories, reception rooms, homes, etc., to isolate the pollution of human shoes to the production environment. Also suitable for home cleaning, save the trouble of entering the door to change shoes, and take off the shoes, can be used directly, can also be used repeatedly!

First, the solution: the guests need to take off their shoes and change shoes, the guests need to clean every time they go; slippers, door mats, floor fatigue!

Second, prevent: private slippers become a common slippers, eliminating the hidden dangers of athlete's foot cross infection caused by slippers!

Third, reduced: continue to clean the troubles of mopping the floor, can effectively keep the room clean!

Fourth, improved: the shoe-changing department issued a variety of unpleasant smells, polluting the indoor environment

Fifth, avoid: socks due to damaged door when friends and family or odor caused by binding with embarrassment

Sixth, eliminate: because the distant visitors need to take off their shoes and change shoes too much, but do not understand the owner's troubles!

Seven, put an end to: a large number of visitors, slippers are not enough, the trouble of changing shoes!

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