What are the characteristics of PE plastic shoe covers?

Sep. 27, 2018

Speaking of disposable shoe covers, everyone is most familiar with PE shoe covers, then you know what characteristics of PE shoe covers? 

PE shoe covers mainly have the following characteristics:

(1) The density is small and the weight is light. Generally, in the range of 0.9-22g per square centimeter, the average is 1.45g per square centimeter, which is lighter than the commonly used steel materials, and is close to the weight of wood, about 1/5 of steel and 1/2 of aluminum. l/3 of concrete.

(2) The strength-to-weight ratio is large. From the strength-to-weight ratio, it is close to or even exceeds steel, and it is a high-quality lightweight high-strength material.

(3) Low thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of plastic is very small, about 1/500 of that of metal. The foam has the lowest thermal conductivity of about 0.035 w/m·K.

(4) Good chemical stability. Plastics have a high chemical stability against the action of acids, bases, salts and steam.

(5) Good electrical insulation. Generally plastics are poor conductors of electricity.

(6) Good corrosion resistance. The plastic has good chemical stability, and the plastic is a hydrophobic material. It has strong resistance to weak acid and weak base. The commonly used thermoplastic resin can resist corrosion to chemicals with low concentration and has good resistance to environmental water and salt. Corrosion ability.

(7) Flammability. Different types of plastics vary greatly. For example, polystyrene burns immediately upon ignition, and PVC is only burned when placed in a flame, and automatically extinguishes when it is removed from the flame. Adding the most incombustible filler to the plastic product can change its flammability.

(8) Good plasticity. It can be molded into various shapes or special shapes of various thicknesses and thicknesses by various processing techniques. It can meet the needs of different uses in the landscaping process. In addition, the hardness, density, apparent density, color, etc. of the article can be adjusted to facilitate cutting and "welding".

(9) It is decorative. The plastic can be made completely transparent, and after adding the pigment, it becomes a translucent, opaque product of various colors. It can be imitated leather pattern, wood pattern, stone pattern, textile pattern. From the outside, you can do it in a real way.

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What are the characteristics of PE plastic shoe covers?