What Is The Use Of PE Disposable Gloves?

Dec. 06, 2018

Once the pe gloves appeared, its convenience and safety quickly occupied people's daily lives. Don't think that it can only be used to eat a crayfish, licking a duck neck or something, and there are unexpected magical effects in life. Let the Automatic Pe Glove Making Machine Supplier tell you the answer today.

1. In terms of household cleaning, some women like to be clean, but when cleaning, it is easy to soil their hands, the oil stains are not easy to clean, and after a long time, their hands will be soaked, so the pe gloves will be sent.

2. Dyeing or washing: When you want to dye your hair, worry about soiling your hands? With the problem of disposable PE gloves, you can easily solve them.

3. The magic of travel: Every time the girl goes out is not very annoying cosmetic bag makeup tool with a pair? At this time, a pe glove comes in handy. You only need to put your makeup tools in each finger, and take it away without worrying about contaminating other supplies.

4. Catering industry: It can maintain safety and hygiene when eating hairy crabs, lobsters, duck neck and other ingredients. A variety of uses, kitchen dishes, home cleaning are all done. Separates stains, reduces contact with stains, and protects hands.

5. Labor insurance industry: household cleaning, kitchen cooking, cleaning, sanitary protection, etc., basically used in a variety of occasions, waterproof, oil-proof, anti-fouling and other functions.

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