The Main Features Of Disposable Machinery

Nov. 21, 2018

The main features of the Disposable Machine are as follows compared to conventional machinery. (1) Conditions of use: Generally, conventional machinery needs long-term reliable use and recycling, and the remaining amount is large, so the volume and weight are large, and the material is excellent; and the disposable mechanical use time is short, which is a special case in a limited life. It is only used once, as long as the function is completed within a certain time, there is no need to leave too much margin, so it is small in size and light in weight. (2) Failure mode: Conventional machinery mostly fails due to fatigue and wear. Among them, the fatigue of conventional machinery is mostly low stress and high cycle fatigue. In the actual design, it is generally considered that the load state causing high cycle fatigue is a normal working condition, and therefore, the fatigue damage mentioned later refers to high cycle fatigue damage. The one-off machine mainly considers the transmission of power, and it is not forced to be broken. Therefore, the static and dynamic strength and rigidity should be ensured during the design. (3) Design method: The theory of conventional mechanical design is very mature, and the one-off machine does not have a mature theory to follow. Disposable machines have a short service life and do not suffer from fatigue, wear, corrosion, etc. due to prolonged work.

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Disposable Glove Making Machine