The Fire Of Notre Dame de Paris, France: Hundreds Of People Pray And Cry

Apr. 17, 2019

In the French capital, Paris, firefighters extinguished fire at the Notre Dame fire scene.

As of 21:00 local time on April 15th, the fire was still not extinguished. Under the night, the main building of Notre Dame de Paris was constantly emitting white smoke, and the air was filled with a pungent smell. The surrounding people were dignified, and some people were on the phone with their relatives and friends, emotionally describing the situation on the spot.

Near the Notre Dame de Paris, hundreds of people prayed on the ground, some were weeping, and some were tearful. Parisian citizen Nikolay said: "Today is a sad day for all Parisians. We pray that the fire at Notre Dame will be extinguished as soon as possible."

French President Mark Long and Prime Minister Philip rushed to the scene after the incident. Mark Long said that there was a fire in Notre Dame de Paris. "The whole country feels a deep feeling."

The Fire Of Notre Dame de Paris