Medical mask selection, classification, standard hygiene and safety protection

Oct. 17, 2018

Recently, in the smoggy weather, various pharmacies and supermarkets have a wide variety of dust masks, such as fashion masks, gauze masks, general medical masks and medical protective masks. Faced with the chaotic medical mask market and the false propaganda of some merchants, many consumers have no understanding of the types and uses of medical devices for medical masks because of the lack of corresponding mask knowledge.

Medical masks as the second type of medical devices, have long been stipulated in the regulations on the operation and supervision. However, there are still some companies and businesses that produce and sell medical masks under the banner of medical device production licenses. The State Food and Drug Administration has issued several articles, making clear regulations on its registration and supervision, and adjusting the medical mask management category from the first category to the second category. Medical masks have been approved for medical devices, and ordinary absorbent gauze masks are not managed as medical devices. Therefore, the selection of a medical mask can be judged by whether it is marked with a production license number (a certain number of drug production licenses) and a registration certificate (a certain number of medicines in a certain year).

Masks are generally divided into two categories according to their different protective functions: one is a common mask for general merchandise management, such as ordinary absorbent gauze masks, ordinary dust masks; the other is medical masks for medical device management.

The knowledge of dust masks is something that everyone must master. Ordinary dust masks are only daily necessities. They have no uniform requirements on materials and specifications. They are mainly used to protect against cold and dust, and are not suitable for disease prevention. Ordinary absorbent gauze masks are a kind of protective health care products, which are in the air. Microorganisms, droplets and dust have a certain filtering effect and are only suitable for general health protection. As a second type of medical device management, medical masks are divided into three types: medical protective masks, medical surgical masks and general medical masks. Their protective effects are obviously different. They are clearly defined in terms of use, and consumers need to choose according to their needs.

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Medical mask selection, classification, standard hygiene and safety protection