What Are The Disposable Gloves According To The Material?

Nov. 08, 2018

Disposable gloves are generally divided into plastic disposable gloves, latex disposable gloves, and nitrile disposable gloves.

Among them, plastic film gloves are generally used in non-professional situations, and the advantage is that the price is cheap, but the plastic disposable gloves have no elasticity, and the durability and suitability are relatively poor;

Latex gloves, usually used in professional places, such as operating rooms, laboratories, etc., have high requirements for hygienic conditions. The advantage is that they are flexible and durable, but they are not resistant to animal oil corrosion, and they are easily corroded when exposed to animal fats. More importantly, according to statistics, 2%-17% of people will have different degrees of allergies to latex.

Nitrile gloves, in addition to the characteristics of latex gloves, and improved the disadvantages of latex gloves, can first withstand the corrosion of animal fats and oils, and do not produce allergies.

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