What Are The Characteristics Of The Automatic Shoes Cover Machine?

Jan. 08, 2019

The “Shoes Cover Making Machine” independently developed by our company is a special machine for producing disposable non-woven shoe covers. The product is suitable for families, hospitals, research institutes or dust-free industries. The machine is a straight beam type, with stainless steel structure and independent electrical control box. It only needs one person to operate, and it can automatically control from feeding to forming, counting and collecting.

So what are the characteristics of the Automatic Shoes Cover Machine?

1. High stability, excellent performance and low failure rate.

2, stainless steel structure, independent electrical control box, the machine is solid and small.

3. The surface parts are all chrome-plated, and the cover parts are made of stainless steel, which is beautiful and clean.

4. Adjustable ultrasonic welding and electrothermal welding combined.

5, a machine is changeable, the mold can be replaced to produce a variety of shoe covers.

6, electronic counting.

7. The electric heating wheel is automatically clutched (stop separation, start-up closed).

8. Automatic shutdown protection for material breakage/broken bars.

Disposable Plastic Shoes Cover Making Machine