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UW-NJP-3500 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Uniwonder Machinery is a leading China uw-njp-3500 automatic capsule filling machine, capsule loader machine, pharma capsule filling machine, powder capsule filling machine manufacturer and supplier, as a professional company, we have our own uw-njp-3500 automatic capsule filling machine factory. Welcome to wholesale products from us.

UW-NJP-3500 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Introduction :
The factory production UW-NJP -3500 automatic capsule-filling machine is in UW-NJP-2000 automatic capsule-filling machine (more than 30) equipment, After States, both inside and outside, nearly three years of production use, comes essence, committed to innovation and improvement, and the good quality got customers good reputation.
1. A double row of 25-hole, the 12-bit design, at home and abroad to become only the largest single production of high-tech equipment.(1 hour production reached 210,000).
2. UW-NJP-3500 filling machines, using RU140 with RU125 high-precision space at a reasonable choice for me, completely guarantee the stability of machinery and life.
3. UW-NJP-3500 automatic capsule-filling machine for all the digital transmission of the cam, improved from the original cam, the spring stretch, to the special high-quality materials, production, transmission groove round, out of the spring Traction easy fatigue, short life of the shortcomings, and the wear-resistant, stable operation.
4. UW-NJP-3500 automatic capsule-filling machines, taking into account the long run facilities, easy access to drugs dust die turntable set to be demolished to clean, and innovative design, to seal ring for filters installed. Ensure full operation of the equipment and seal the cumbersome equipment maintenance shortcomings.
5. Uses the automatic oiling system, to the transmission part, the slotted concave wheel and the chain wheel carry on after 24 hours (production real-time) automatic oiling.
In addition to the body and stainless steel storage disk, and clean, easy clean-up.
6. It adopts three dimensional control elements; and takes the undersurface plane of dosing disc as base, so as to eliminate the natural transmutation of the dosing disc and copper saucer. It is uniformity in interval and guarantees the accurate filling weight, decreasing the phenomena of powder leak and easy to clean. It's the special design at domestic (Patent No.20042006795X).
7. Add the extra function of Capsule control switch. (Control the capsule outside of the machine: it's more safely and quickly.)
8. Add the JOG control system, it's easier to operate and clean the machine according to CE, ISO and GMP international standard.
Technical Parameter:

Model UW-NJP-3500
Output 3500 granule/min
No. of segment bores 25
Suitable for capsule 00#-4#
Total power 10.5kw
Overall weight 2200kg
Overall dimensions 1170×1560×2000mm

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