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Full Automatic Computerized Color Printing Machine

Uniwonder Machinery is a leading China full automatic computerized color printing machine, film printing machine, paper printing machine, high speed printing machine manufacturer and supplier, as a professional company, we have our own full automatic computerized color printing machine factory. Welcome to wholesale products from us.

HPRT-B High Speed Printing Machine

This machine is used for BOPP, PET, PVC, PE and Paper etc with good printing performance of rolling materials for multicolor continuous printing.

1.The whole machine is fixed by permutation composition, according to the customers' requirement the printing color unit can be increased or decreased.
2. The main body with frequency motor, the whole machine with three segments eternal tension to control.
3. Each unit of computer flashed system is controlled by separating microprocessor. It can adjust the flashed deviation quickly and precisely.
4. With display of flashed deviation, correcting for system comprehensive deviation as well as super-different alarming function.
5. Double electric checking; Improve the whole checking and adjustment speed.
6. The unwind station is adopted with full auto Tension controller and magnetic powder brake to control.
7. The rewind is adopted with frequency motor and magnetic powder clutch to control.
8. Printing and traction pressure rubber roller are both adopted with pneumatic unit to control.
9. Pneumatic back pressure shifting blade.
10. Ink cycle system.
11. Gas expansion style loading and unloading shaft for unwind and rewind stations.
12. Unwind and rewind are both single working mechanism, lift and lower the rack by air cylinder (another type is double working mechanism make the material with non-stop).
13.It can elect different computer flashed boundary and stationary checking figure.

Main technical parameters:
Model HPRT-B
Length of printing 240-1100mm
Breadth of printing 600-1200mm
Speed of printing 5-120m/min
Precision of overprint ≤0.15mm
Gross installation power 95kw
Diameter of rollout 1200mm
Weight of machine 18000kg
External dimension 14100mm×2100mm×2300mm

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