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Masks machine works
Mask machine: refers to the use of ultrasonic principle, non-woven fabrics, meltblown fabrics, cotton acupuncture ...... fused together in a certain order, has made a variety of filtration performance, suitable for human wear in the production of non-woven products equipment. Because the process is more complicated masks, masks under production equipment generally refers to an assembly line, including multiple devices. While equipment needed for the different masks are not the same
Cup mask machine equipment including masks stereotypes, punching equipment welding masks, nose strip welding equipment, spot welding equipment with ear, breathing valve punching equipment, breathing valve welding equipment.
Depending on the plane mask welding machine and use ear band can be divided into: the inner ear masks machine, ear masks machine, bandage-style masks machine, producing three plane masks mask body needs to use the machine, it is plane masks integral parts.

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