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What are the main mask device, what are the characteristics?
Mask Equipment - Ultrasonic mask strap Features:
1. The frame is aluminum and stainless steel, light and beautiful appearance does not rust.
2. Automatic counting, can effectively control the production efficiency and production schedule.
3. Frequency control, the actual need to adjust the speed according to the device.
4. Pull tube feeding, positioning is more accurate, can be controlled to a minimum width of raw materials, and cost savings.
5. Finished length dimension unified control, deviation ± 1mm, can effectively control the finished length.
6. High degree of automation equipment, low staff requirements for the operation, only to discharge and sorting finished.
7. The system apheresis machine ultrasonic Taiwan, Japan and the transducer, stable performance, easy to operate.
8. automated ultrasonic welding wheel made of imported high-quality steel DC53, extend the life of the mold, wear-resistant and durable.

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