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A Brief History of masks
The first use of masks in the world are Chinese. In ancient times, the court of the people in order to prevent dust pollution and tone scarf to cover your nose and mouth and began to use until the 19th century masks were invented and began to be used in the medical field. Now it has become an essential item in people's lives, it is no longer just dust blocking or tone, but more are commonly used in blocking germs.
1,13 early centuries, masks only appear in Chinese court. To prevent the spread waiter breath emperor food uses a silk and gold thread woven into the towel made masks
2,19 century, masks began to be used in the field of health care. German pathologists recommend Laide Qi begin with health care professionals to use gauze mask to prevent bacterial infection
3,20 early centuries, masks first became public life essential goods. Spanish flu swept the world took the lives of about 50 million people, the general population has been asked to use masks against virus
4,20 century late, the number of large-scale use of masks significantly frequent. Previous pandemic annals of masks in preventing the spread of germs and blocking several plays an important role
In 1897, the United States was odd German to introduce to you one kind of nose and mouth with gauze to prevent bacterial invasion approach. Later, someone made a six gauze masks, sewn on the collar. Covering the mouth and nose when you doubled over with it. However, this has been to hand and hold the masks, very inconvenient. Later, someone came up with a mask with tape tied to the ear, which became today people use frequently.

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